5 Simple Tips for Selecting the Right Career Path

‘’Choose a job you love, and you will not have to work a day in your life” – Confucius

Confucius, we are grateful to you for the advice. If only we could find that one job that can give us utmost satisfaction, life would be much simpler. All of us know that one person who is not happy with his job. He comes home tired, listens to complaints from his wife, deals with stress and then sleeps like a baby only to wake up to another boring day. We also know people who regret the career choices they made.

5 Simple Tips for Selecting the Right Career Path

It is not impossible to rectify your past mistakes. There are people in their 40’s and 50’s that take up a completely different route like a man who jumps into marketing after having worked in the finance field for years. Opportunities are endless but as we grow older it becomes difficult to grab them.

“Prevention is better than cure”

The market belongs to the youth. The decisions you make at this crucial time will define your future. One decision can change your life. Chances are you won’t end up like that unhappy person you know who still wishes he had done what was right for him.

Here are 10 tips that can help you select the perfect career path for you.

  1. Listen to everyone but do as you please: People are always ready to give you suggestions. You will be influenced but at the end of the day, it is your life. You need to make sure you are happy.

5 Simple Tips for Selecting the Right Career Path - Listen to everyone but do what you please

When it was time for me to select a field, everyone I ever knew started pooling in their opinions and ideas. Suggestions included go for marketing, it pays well, a bank job will set your life and the funniest of all, there is nothing more respectful than being a doctor (I was never interested medicine). In the end I went ahead with business studies and chose marketing as my field of specialization. I am also giving advertising a thought but that’s another story.

All I can say is, listen to everyone, you might come across life changing suggestions. Keep your ears open but do what your heart says.

  1. Consider your natural talents and capabilities: We are all born with certain talents. No two people are the same. Individual capabilities differ. The point here is, you need to choose a career that will hone your god given talent. If you choose a job based on this work will not be just work. It will be fulfilling and less boring. You will be able to give your best because you are confident of your abilities.

5 Simple Tips for Selecting the Right Career Path - Choose a career in dance if that's your talent

If you are an amazing dancer, go for a career in dance. Start your own academy or become a choreographer, don’t limit yourself. If that’s where your happiness lies, don’t say no to the idea.

I am still trying to find what’s best for me. Like I said before, I am considering advertising as well. I have even started watching Mad Men but real life is obviously different from reel life. I do have an idea of what to expect. I have narrowed down on marketing (not sales) and advertising mainly based on my creative bent of mind. Let’s see what the future has in store for me.

  1. What are your expectations? : Expectations can be anything, expectations regarding income, work-life balance, commitment to the job, office location etc. I know of people who focus mainly on salary or income. They would favor any job that promises a heavy pay check. We all want money, don’t we? But we shouldn’t make decisions on the basis of one factor. The other thing is, make note of all your expectations from the field.

5 Simple Tips for Selecting the Right Career Path - High Salary Expectations

High salary: Almost everyone wants to earn a sufficient amount of income. Remember, a high paying job has high demands like more expertise and experience.

Work-life Balance: Many firms have started giving importance to work-life balance and employee welfare. However there are fields where you have dedicate a lot of time to work projects. You may have deadlines leading to stress. Choose wisely and always research.

Work place location: You can choose between working in your hometown and shifting in another city or overseas. For better commutation or minimum travel expenses you can also choose a workplace close to your residence.

Once your job meets all your expectations, you will feel contented.

  1. Are you willing to give in to the demands of the job? : Just the way you have expectations from a job, the job or the employer also has expectations from you. Certain jobs are more demanding than the others. There are fields that require long work hours, frequent work-related travel, patience due to slow promotion etc. You need to decide if you are willing to meet these demands.

5 Simple Tips for Selecting the Right Career Path - Work stress

I was once told by a teacher that Multinational Companies pay well. In return, they expect you to be very dedicated so forget work-life balance. I don’t mind working on weekends and conforming to deadlines if I’m paid according. Anything lesser than what I deserve is not acceptable to me.

What I’m trying to convey here is, expect only what you can deliver.

  1. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? : Ask yourself this question and you will get your answer. Many employers ask this question to potential candidates. There is a reason behind that. They want to know if your career plan matches their plan for you.

5 Simple Tips for Selecting the Right Career Path - Mad Men

When you are trying to select a career path for yourself answer this question objectively. Chalk out a rough career plan for all the fields you have narrowed down on. A separate plan for every job will help you decide better. Keep all the above 4 points in mind and then try to answer this burning question.

Each of you will have a unique answer. Let your heart and mind work in unison on this and guide you.

Well, I know it’s not as easy as it seems. I’ve come close to finding the right career for me. Based on my experience, I’ve already shared 5 extremely useful tips.

Follow my tips and soon you will find what’s best for you. Your dream job is not too far. With the powerful law of attraction you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Stay tuned for my next post where I will share my views on this often unused tool for attaining your goals.

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