Law of Attraction

Ever wondered how people get what they want? There have been times when I’ve received exactly what I longed for. This has been my story since childhood. I never knew about the Law of Attraction till I joined college. No, it wasn’t something I was taught in class. One of my teachers introduced us to this unique concept. I now know what I’ve been doing unknowingly all these years.

According to the Law of Attraction, it is you who is responsible for anything good or bad that happens in your life. A person can attract positivity or negativity. Imagine you landed a job, yes, you attracted that. Now imagine you lost that job, yes, you attracted that too. If you’ve won a lottery or made a loss in business, everything is a manifestation of your thoughts. You have been using this law in your everyday life. What if you could use it to achieve your goals? Read ahead to understand how to use this wonderful tool. Who knows, this one step could put an end to all your problems.

Law of Attraction

Follow these 5 steps to manipulate and use the Law of Attraction in your favor.

  1. Meditate: This step is optional but why skip something so useful? Meditation helps to calm you mind. Only if your mind is calm, you will be able to concentrate and in this case use the law effectively. Meditation will put you in a state of relaxation and boost brain power. A few minutes of silence is enough to put you at ease.
  1. Decide what you want: You are dealing with the Universe here. The universe responds to your thoughts. Decide what you want and focus on it. There is no place for self-doubt in this step. Also try to have clear, measurable and well-defined goals. Suppose you want a high salary, mention how much you want that salary to be, say 2000$ or 5000$. Unclear thoughts will attract unwanted results.
  1. Connect with the Universe: Ask the universe for what you want. Make a connection and put forth your request. You need to really want something for the Universe to satisfy you. Send a clear-cut picture of your desires. You need to think that it’s already yours. If you want to be rich, imagine living in a posh bungalow in L.A. with hundreds of servants, a big pool and a beautiful wife (optional). Be more specific of course and add enough details to your picture. The more the better.
  1. Make it your present: You may presently not have what you want. Others know that and so do you but the Universe probably doesn’t. The Universe will believe whatever you make it believe. The trick over here is to make the Universe believe that you already have you desire and you are enjoying it to the fullest. The Universe will work in that direction and make it true for you. If you want to win a lottery, believe that you’ve already won a lottery. You will get as you desire in the future. However, for this law to work, let the future be your present.
  1. Believe: It is very important that you believe in the universe and the changes it can bring in your life. Miracles happen only if you believe. Faith is what keeps us going. One important thing, trust the Universe. It will eventually give you what you asked for. Don’t think how and why. Avoid questioning. The Universe works in mysterious ways. Keep faith in the Universe and it will not let you down.

Now that you know the secret to getting exactly what you want, go ahead and make your dreams come true. While doing so, make sure you keep checking my blog for more interesting posts. You can even follow me so that you don’t miss out on anything.


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