30 Things I Would Tell My Son - Random Plethora

30 Things I Would Tell My Son

1. I bet you will grow up to be a beautiful person. If not, I will make sure you do.

2. Son, don’t try too hard. You may not look like Bradley Cooper but a sense of humour like Jim Carrey will more than make up for that.

3. Emulate the people you admire but retain your originality. There is no one like you, that is your Unique Selling Proposition.

4. Fitness is important. I urge you to workout atleast 5 times a week.

5. The woman who loved you at your worst also deserves your best.

6. Never forget an act of kindness. Return the favor whenever you can.

7. Respect women and protect them.

8. Over-indulgence in smoking and drinking is not cool.

9. As curious as you may be, don’t do drugs.

10. Keep your secrets to yourself, don’t share it with the world.

11. Your soulmate will walk into your life when you least expect.

12. Appearances are often deceptive.

13. Life without struggle is boring.

14. Son, it will be great if you learn to play a musical instrument. It will enhance your memory so you remember everything I tell you.

15. Queen is the greatest rock band of all-time. You must check them out.

16. If you like rap, listen to Eminem.

17. The more Albert Einstein studied the universe the more he believed in a higher power.You can’t see God but he exists.

18. The Law of Attraction is not a figment of someone’s imagination. It is very real.

19. Spend on experiences rather than materials. Travel to a different country, experience the culture and taste the local food.

20. Live to eat.

21. Treat everyone equally.

23. Real friends will stick to you when you most need them. You are lucky if you have friends like that.

24. A relationship that begins with a lie is already half over.

25. When a person who loves you believes your lies, it doesn’t make you any clever. It cements the fact that you don’t deserve them or their trust.

26. A good relationship will make you a better person and not the other way around.

27. Don’t give up on your dreams or the one you love.

28. Son, you will never know unless you try. Explore the endless possibilities and discover yourself in the process.

29. Believe in magic. There are thousands of unsolved mysteries that Science doesn’t have an answer to.

30. I love you very much babe and I will always be there for you.



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