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How I Get My Blog Ideas

Ah! This backache is killing me! I’ve been motionless for hours and this cushioned chair is no good. A desk job can make you feel lifeless like a stationed rock (At least in my case). What I like is moving around, exploring places, meeting new people and living life to the fullest. To my dismay, I will have to wait till I get a real job. You guessed it, I am jobless (by my own free will). I am pursuing post graduate studies in Business Management and hope to do an MBA in Marketing thereafter. At this point, the only activity that captures my interest is ‘Blogging’.

I was a Social Media intern for a month. I wrote blog posts for my employers and made quick money. I was introduced to the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) wherein efforts are made to get search engine visibility. I learned more than I had expected because of my sometimes annoying ‘Know it all attitude’. My brief stint as an intern fueled my blogging aspiration. I created Random Plethora (my baby!) months later on impulse. I was confused because I didn’t know what to write about. I wrote filler posts (Posts that are written for the heck of it) every alternate day. Soon I understood the true meaning of blogging and waited till I had something to say. Blog topics came easy to me after my predicament to post only when I wanted to.

Here are 3 ways how I get my blog ideas:

1. I search for inspiration in everything.

Inspiration is everywhere, you have to realize it. You need to be far sighted and look beyond your regular routine. I am here complaining about how agonizing a sedentary job is. Let’s try to find inspiration in this. I am expressing negativity towards my work which also makes me recognize the positive aspects of other related and unrelated things. Here are the inspiring blog ideas I get from this,

Basis: When you are unhappy with your work there is a sudden outburst of frustration. This eventually culminates into ambition.  You wish you didn’t work for others and had something of your own, like a business. You start searching self-made billionaires like Mark Zucherberg and Warren Buffet. Be open to be inspired. A worthy blog post can get you Freshly Pressed. (Check my post on How To Get Freshly Pressed)

2. I read what other bloggers have to say.

There is so much to learn from our fellow bloggers. When you think you know everything, life puts you in a tight situation. There are times when you are going through a writer’s block. Why not gather ideas? Read through other blogs. If you enjoyed reading something, comment and appreciate the blogger. Follow bloggers with potential and encourage them. Interact with your followers. They might suggest you topics directly or give you blog-worthy ideas.

I keep checking WordPress Reader for interesting posts. My blog post ’20 Things You Didn’t Know About Kim Kardashian’ came to me after I read a post about Kim being one of the most searched celebs on the internet.

3. I write when I want to say something

Sometimes you have strong opinions about certain subjects. You experience extreme feelings of like or dislike. These experiences can be turned into thought provoking blog posts. Here are a few imaginary examples,

  • You go out for a quick snack and notice the deterioration in the quality of fast food. You are extremely disappointed so you write a blog post stating your opinion about it.
  • Your friend owns a beautiful Siberian Husky. You are in awe of its mesmerizing blue/brown eyes and furry coat. What do you do next? Write about how much you admire Huskies.
  • Your boyfriend/girlfriend broke your heart and you feel devastated. Blog about it, whether you want to get personal or not is up to you.
  • You recently purchased a new DSLR and you are stunned by its performance and picture quality so write about your experience at handling it. Your review article can be useful to many.

It’s easy to come up with blog ideas if you follow these 3 ways. I would like to know how you get your blog ideas in the comments below.

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Mission Freshly Pressed

Admit it or not, most of us want to get Freshly Pressed. I am only 1 month and 9 posts old but I’ve realized the potential of being Freshly Pressed. Stats shoot up for once and the generous comments encourage the writer in you. Who doesn’t like all the attention? I do and I’ve been trying for some time now. Getting the attention of WordPress Editors is no easy task. They have innumerable blog posts to scrutinize and chances are, they might pass you off. Here are 5 essentials that can help us with our Mission Freshly Pressed.

1. Be Original

Plagiarism is not acceptable. Original content is your best bet at getting Freshly Pressed. Create content that expresses your thoughts and opinions. Be your own voice not someone else’s. I agree that extensive research might be needed for certain subjects. Don’t be hesitant to explore and know what others have to say. In the end what matters is your take on the subject but always do your homework. You can try this, Small SEO Tool to check the uniqueness of your content (Anything above 80% is fine). The more genuine your content is, the better your chances.

2. Clean Content

WordPress discourages posts that are plagiarized or contain adult/mature matter, copyrighted images, spam and advertorial content. If you plan on getting Freshly Pressed ensure that you don’t make these mistakes. Give due credit to the websites you referred to by citing links. Use quotation marks when quoting others.


“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

– Mahatma Gandhi

3. Quality Beats Quantity

What’s the use of having 50+ posts that don’t add value to your blog? Your followers (if any) will not have anything (interesting) to look forward to. This was what I did at the start, wrote just for the sake of writing. Content is what makes or breaks a blog. I learned that pretty soon. Blogging is fun when you have to say something not when you’re forced to say something. Don’t force yourself to write when you have nothing to express. You are probably trying to be consistent at posting, I understand. I’ve been there and done that. These were my filler posts

30 Horror Movies Based on Real Life

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Kim Kardashian

Filler posts are substandard so don’t expect them to get Freshly Pressed.

4. Visual Appeal

Imagine reading through a blog post. What do you notice first?

The answer is ‘Pictures” especially if they are original (right from the blogger’s digicam)

There is nothing like original photos. WordPress loves original photos, who doesn’t? You showcase your life to the world through pictures. This is one thing I lack but I hope to resolve it by purchasing (need to collect money) a Canon PowerShot SX50 HS. Invest in a good point and shoot camera (for hobby bloggers) or a DSLR (for advanced photographers). You will not regret this. Cellphone photos are fine but nothing beats the picture-quality of a DSLR or a high end compact camera.

5. Simplicity Rules!

Keep it simple.

  • Short Sentences are better than long complicated ones.
  • Choose common words used by people in their day-to-day life over rare unheard words.
  • Short paragraphs are easy on the eyes. Try to eliminate unnecessary words and sentences.
  • Present your matter in the form of bullet points, lists and headings. Viewers don’t have the time to read each and every word you’ve written. Time is precious.
  • List posts are always helpful like my posts, 15 People You Will Meet In Your 20s and 5 Simple Tips For Selecting The Right Career Path

These were 5 essentials that can help you get Freshly Pressed in my opinion. To know straight from the horse’s mouth, check WordPress’ So You Want To Be Freshly Pressed.