Why Indian Students Want To Study Abroad

Why Indians Want To Study Abroad

I know I’ve been inactive for a long time but trust me, there has been more learned than time lost. I’m 21 for Christ’s sake! (soon to be 22) When I think about it, What am I doing? Folks younger than me earn a living. Some have started small businesses in India while the others have gone one step ahead to study and settle abroad. Developed countries like the U.S., Canada and Australia are attracting youngsters from all over India with their high standard of education and living. Students take heavy loans mostly sponsored by their parents and set out on their journey for a better future. Many of us cannot take that risk. Risk because we consider return on investment and a couple of questions that haunt us at every move. Being cynical is common for us Indians in money matters. We think for the worst and work for the best. We bargain till we get a fair deal but also shell out when something is worth it (according to us of course)

Why Indians Want To Study Abroad

Study in Paris, not a bad idea!

I’m one of those who take into account even the minutest detail. Self-reliance gives me utmost satisfaction but studying abroad is a BIG DEAL and will require 5-6 years of my self-reliant earnings. 1 US$ equals to 61.21 Indian Rupees (on 27th October, 2014), that’s how weak the Indian currency is. Our wages are very low but that effect is nullified by the low cost of living. India probably has the highest working population but an increasing number of them are shifting base to the west. Why? because we think it’s cool. Apart from the cool quotient here are three justifiable reasons as to why Indians want to study abroad.

1. No work is big or small

Here in India, folks look down upon menial jobs like picking up garbage, driving a truck, bar-tending, washing cars, selling newspapers door-to-door and working at construction sites. Well, these jobs pay very less even in terms of Indian rupees. The system of monthly payment is prevalent in India for most jobs except for contract based work where payment is made hourly or on project basis.

Why Indians Want To Study Abroad

On an average, a maid is paid 400 – 500 rupees (6.53 – 8.17$) per month for her services which includes only washing clothes and vessels. If cooking and cleaning is included the pay increases only by a small margin. People who do odd jobs live hand-to-mouth. A majority of them lack necessary education that can get them meaningful work and better remuneration. They can’t afford a spacious house (1 bedroom, hall, kitchen is the limit)  unless they follow the ‘Save, Save and Save’ method which is saving more than they need to spend. Basic amenities are within their reach but that’s also substandard.

Why Indians Want To Go Abroad

In the developed countries, the scene is different (that’s what I heard). No work is big or small and everyone enjoys almost a similar standard of living. A plumber can drive a sedan while a mason can go on a foreign trip.

2. We want quality education

I won’t say the Indian Education System is not competitive but I want to mention that there are several improvements that need to be made. First of all, there is a dearth of course options. Consider doing an MBA here, you have the standard four options i.e., Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and Operations. You will hardly find a course tailored to your needs unless you can compromise and settle for a lesser-known university.

Why Indians Want To Study Abroad

Less emphasis is given to the practical aspect of education while theoretical knowledge is treated as the deciding factor for the fate of students. Theory exams are the usual norm and acing them guarantees better prospects. Students mug up everything, some even memorize every single word in the book and ultimately vomit it out in the exams. Even after all that, acquiring a seat in the college of their choice is difficult for Indian students. The ever-increasing population of the country and fewer campuses to accommodate the students pushes them towards the prospect of studying abroad.

3. Life in the west is unlike the rest.

Like I mentioned earlier, the Indian currency is not up to mark. We have to think twice before booking an attractive European Tour or studying in a developed country for that matter. A job abroad means earning in dollars and spending the same here in Indian rupees. It means becoming an NRI and investing here in India ultimately leading to a secure future if we ever plan to return. The benefits outweigh the cost of starting a new life in a different country.

Life in the west is definitely not the same as it is in India. The job market which is not so immigrant-friendly as portrayed still manages to attract us with higher remuneration and desirable work-life balance. Work-life balance is so important to us. Working over-time is customary for us but adequate payment for our added efforts is needed. The hourly payment system of countries like U.S. and Australia gives us just what we want.

Why Indians Want To Study Abroad

Living in an another country is a unique experience. It changes people, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. As an Indian, I believe, there is a lot to learn from other cultures. No, I’m not talking about the cute accent (for my Indian brethren). A fresh outlook and perspective can help us grow in ways we never imagined. It is human nature to go in search of greener pastures so you can’t blame us for looking in the direction where the sun sets.


I have written this blog post because I wish to experience life in a new country. Canada is on top of my list because it is a peaceful country and its proximity to the U.S. means greater prospects. I want to do an MBA in Marketing but before that I will need a job that can help me collect enough for my course. It will take me at least 5 – 6 years of work in India to collect some amount (Save, Save, Save Method) in spite of having a Masters degree in Commerce and a whole lot of untapped potential (creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, leadership abilities). The MBA degree is welcomed with open arms in most Asian countries. If you don’t have it, you can’t expect much from your employer (like a promotion) even if you consider yourself exceptionally talented. I can go on and on telling you all about the plans I’ve made, my dreams, my ambitions. I follow the Law of Attraction according to which, talking about your object of desire sends strong signals to the universe causing the object to manifest itself. It basically means, you will eventually get what you want.

Why Indians Want To Study Abroad

In my next post I will write about the countries that are on the top of my list, one of which I’ve already mentioned, a world of possibilities, Canada. Others include the U.S. and Australia. Many of you are citizens of these beautiful countries (I often check my stats). I would appreciate insights and comments from you all.

Thanks for reading!

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30 Things I Would Tell My Son - Random Plethora

30 Things I Would Tell My Son

1. I bet you will grow up to be a beautiful person. If not, I will make sure you do.

2. Son, don’t try too hard. You may not look like Bradley Cooper but a sense of humour like Jim Carrey will more than make up for that.

3. Emulate the people you admire but retain your originality. There is no one like you, that is your Unique Selling Proposition.

4. Fitness is important. I urge you to workout atleast 5 times a week.

5. The woman who loved you at your worst also deserves your best.

6. Never forget an act of kindness. Return the favor whenever you can.

7. Respect women and protect them.

8. Over-indulgence in smoking and drinking is not cool.

9. As curious as you may be, don’t do drugs.

10. Keep your secrets to yourself, don’t share it with the world.

11. Your soulmate will walk into your life when you least expect.

12. Appearances are often deceptive.

13. Life without struggle is boring.

14. Son, it will be great if you learn to play a musical instrument. It will enhance your memory so you remember everything I tell you.

15. Queen is the greatest rock band of all-time. You must check them out.

16. If you like rap, listen to Eminem.

17. The more Albert Einstein studied the universe the more he believed in a higher power.You can’t see God but he exists.

18. The Law of Attraction is not a figment of someone’s imagination. It is very real.

19. Spend on experiences rather than materials. Travel to a different country, experience the culture and taste the local food.

20. Live to eat.

21. Treat everyone equally.

23. Real friends will stick to you when you most need them. You are lucky if you have friends like that.

24. A relationship that begins with a lie is already half over.

25. When a person who loves you believes your lies, it doesn’t make you any clever. It cements the fact that you don’t deserve them or their trust.

26. A good relationship will make you a better person and not the other way around.

27. Don’t give up on your dreams or the one you love.

28. Son, you will never know unless you try. Explore the endless possibilities and discover yourself in the process.

29. Believe in magic. There are thousands of unsolved mysteries that Science doesn’t have an answer to.

30. I love you very much babe and I will always be there for you.

Random Plethora - Falling in love can make you a millionaire

Falling In Love Can Make You A Millionaire

Falling in love can make you a millionaire, don’t believe me? People like Nicholas Sparks (Writer and Novelist), Bruno Mars (Musician and Vocalist) and Adele (Vocalist) seem to know the secret to banking on this funny thing called ‘love’. Love is a universal language. Everyone’s been there and done that. It is human nature to love and be attracted to love. Love songs top the charts, romantic novels sell, passionate movies capture the audience and blog posts about love get more views. But the burning question here is, how do some people cash on this innate and beautiful feeling?

Love changes people (See 5 Things I Learned From Love). It is a teacher just like life. Besides bringing you face-to-face with some thought-provoking situations and lessons, love awakens the artist and the thinker in you. Fall in love and you will discover a ‘New You’. Nicholas Sparks had no idea he would pen some of the most heart-touching stories like ‘A Walk To Remember’ and ‘The Notebook’. He always had a penchant for writing since the early days but his love for Cathy Cote (His Wife) inspired him to spin tales that the readers couldn’t help but adore.

Move over literature and we can’t ignore the likes of Bruno Mars and Adele, both sharing a common connection, their music which is excessively flavored with love, passion and heart-break.

Bruno Mars says what every woman wants to hear.

“When I see your face, there’s not a thing that I would change cause’ you’re amazing just the way you are.

And when you smile the whole world stops and stares for a while cause’ girl you’re amazing just the way you are.”

Adele is not far behind though a majority of her songs highlight her attempt at coping with a painful heart-break in the past. From what I’ve read so far, Adele, in her younger days, was in love with a man much older than her. He broke her heart and found someone new. The songstress poured her heart out in her song, ‘Someone Like You’. Her entire ’21’ album was a reminiscence of her failed relationship and you know what, that album was her claim to fame. Meaningful lyrics, a soulful voice mixed with the solvent called ‘love’ made this woman a millionaire.

Same with Nicholas Sparks whose books were all best sellers. Eight of them were adapted to movies and appreciated by viewers. As for Bruno Mars, women wish they had someone like him and men wish they could be more like him (to please their lovelies). Mars is rich and famous, what more could he want?

Falling in love can make you a millionaire, yes I mean it. Judging from the above cases, love can awaken your dormant talents and abilities. Here are 5 talents you never knew you had until you fell in love.

1. Love evokes the ‘Poet’ in you: When you read that Shakespearean poetry in Literature class, you didn’t have the slightest clue that there was a poet inside you. Love makes you feel all mushy and some of you realize your poetic quotient.

2. Love brings out the ‘Lyricist’ in you: You’ve been listening to love songs all your life but your devotion to your lover inspires you to write heart-warming lyrics that only you and your lover understand.

3. Love helps you recognize the ‘Writer’ in you: Not just Nicholas Sparks, you can write too. May be not about everything, but about love and romance, I’m sure you can.

4. Love polishes the ‘Actor’ in you: All this while, you knew you could act. If not, how would you be able to make up excuses for being late to work and still look so convincing? Love polishes your acting skills. Telling your better-half a fake story to avoid a fight needs some sharp acting skills.

5. Love teaches you to ‘Dance’: To be more precise, love brings out the Ballroom Dancer in you. Dance is a form of expression and ballroom dance is how a couple expresses their relationship and compatibility.

If you recognize your love-gifted talents and put them to use, you too can create wonders. Falling in love can indeed make you a millionaire.

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10 Unbelievable Things People Say

10 Unbelievable Things People Say

Life is a teacher. The more you live, the more you learn from it. Life has its own way of teaching us some of the most important lessons we never learned in class. We meet new people, some leave and some stay but whatever happens, happens for our own good. I have met many different people in the 21 years of my existence. Each one had something to say. Some gave me valuable advice and insights while the others inspired me to write this article. I live in a country which is a plethora of different cultures, languages and religions. Everyone has their own beliefs. As ridiculous as they may seem, we can’t be sure if they are made-up or true. Here are 10 unbelievable things people say.

1. If you are a young woman with long hair, never leave it open and venture out at night. 

What they say: Superstitions prevail in India in spite of all the modernization. Most of them are harmless like this one. Elders believe that it is unsafe for a young woman to venture out at night with her hair left open.

Reason: Young girls are vulnerable to being possessed by evil spirits. These are the spirits of young men and women with unfulfilled desired. They couldn’t complete what they started and look for young souls to possess so that they can carry on with their mission. Indians have a fondness for long black hair. May be that’s why they added the ‘hair left open’ criteria here.

The Truth: I’ve been out at night with my hair open and fortunately I’ve never had any bad experience. Spirits can target anyone and the length of your hair doesn’t matter (obviously!).

2. A pregnant woman is a spirit-magnet.

What they say: Indian people can give you some of the best advice whether you want it or not. Folks believe that a pregnant woman (including the first week after delivery) attracts evil spirits. The woman might have never seen the spirit before but when she is pregnant, the spirit manifests itself in front of her.

Reason: Spirits might be attracted to the nursing mother or her unborn child. This even applies to a woman who is in the first week post delivery.

The Truth: I didn’t believe this until my aunt (a trusted source) recollected one of her childhood experiences. This story was about her late mother who was at that time in the first week post delivery. One night her mother was sitting at the door and noticed a hen running around. She followed the hen to the terrace and what she saw left her speechless. She kept falling ill after that incident. She said she was being followed by the same woman she saw on the terrace. She lived in fear and the illness had taken a toll on her. She eventually passed away after 2 years.

Some say that pregnant women experience heightened senses due to which they notice every minute thing happening around them.

3. If you look in the mirror at 12 am on Valentine’s Day, you will see your future husband/wife.

What they say: My grandmother told me this when I was a kid. I was very curious to know who my future husband would be but I was scared to look in the mirror at 12. She told me that there was a man who was working late once. He happened to look in the mirror and seen a squint woman instead of his own reflection. It was 14th February 12 am midnight (He didn’t know that). Years later he married the same squint woman he had seen in the mirror.

Reason: It’s Valentine’s Day! Who doesn’t want to know about his future bride/bridegroom?

The Truth: I am sure this is not true. This is one of the silliest things I’ve ever heard.

4. Keep your left palm on the right side of your chest and sleep at night. You will have an Out-of-Body-Experience (OBE)

What they say: I read this on a website where users share their true experiences. There was a woman who claimed that her husband has had many out-of-body-experiences using this method. It is also called Astral Body Projection wherein the astral body leaves the physical body and is free to travel around. A person performing this can see his physical body in a state of rest. According to the method, you need to sleep with your left palm on the right side of your chest.

Reason: The woman did not state any reason. I wonder how true this is. I have never tried because I find astral projection risky. What if I am unable to enter my body? What if I get stuck in the astral plane? I guess I’ll never know.

The Truth: Astral Projection is very real but this method of performing it is highly doubtful. I might try astral projection when I have mustered up enough courage. It is supposed to be safe because the astral body is tied to the physical body by an invisible cord called the silver cord.

5. If you have a broad forehead, you will become rich.

What they say: Some people say that a person with a broad forehead is very lucky. He or she is most likely to become rich and live a luxurious life.

Reason: Someone with a broad forehead must have written this.

The Truth: This is completely false. Not everyone with a broad forehead is lucky or rich.

6. If you have a dimple, you are extremely lucky. 

What they say: They say exactly what the title mentions, ‘If you have a dimple, you are extremely lucky’. This applies to people with just one dimple on either cheek.

Reason: The world is obsessed with dimples. Women undergo surgeries in order to achieve beautiful dimples like Cheryl Cole.

The Truth: This is so not true. The only thing I believe is that if you have a dimple, you instantly qualify as cute.

7. If you put your blood on a snake’s forehead, the snake becomes your protector. 

What they say: Many years back I spent my holidays at a family friends’ place. It was like a village, not very modern. We were talking about snakes and how they enter people’s houses. That’s when I came face to face with this apparently true fact.

Reason: Snakes are worshiped in India (Google Lord Shiva). They are considered sacred.

The Truth: No one in my knowledge has ever tried this, The person who told me this had no true story to back this up. Hence, I don’t believe it.

8. Lucky is the one who witnesses a eunuch’s funeral.

What they say: If you are fortunate to witness a eunuch’s funeral, you will be blessed with riches. The Eunuch community in India keep their affairs private. Their funeral processions happen during the wee hours when the streets are empty.

Reason: The Eunuch Community in India is intriguing to many.

The Truth: My dad witnessed their funeral when he was very young. The dead body was made to sit on a chair and was carried by other eunuchs in a procession. If this belief was true I wouldn’t be sitting her blogging about random things. I would be out shopping and enjoying life like a spoiled brat (just kidding!).

9. If you possess strands of a witch’s hair, she will become your slave for life. 

What they say: In India, a witch is called a chudail or daayan. Her power lies in her hair. A person who possesses strands of her hair can make her do anything for him. She becomes his slave for life until she gets hold of those strands (danger!).

Reason: There are many stories about chudails and daayans. I wish I knew from where this belief originated.

The Truth: I have heard many stories about people who have made witches their slaves with a few strands of hair as leverage. The best way is to sew the strands into your skin or hide it somewhere she will never find it. The witch will constantly beg you to reveal the hiding place but you need to be strong.

10. A Pair of Cobras knows as Icchadhaari Naag and Naagin can transform themselves into human beings whenever they want to.

What they say: Icchadhaari is the Hindi word which means ‘transforming according to will’. Naag and Naagin means a pair of cobras, one male and the other female. People in India believe than an Icchadhaari Naag and Naagin are blessed by Lord Shiva. They can switch between snake and human form at their own free will.

Reason: Snakes are considered sacred in India.

The Truth: No one has ever seen cobras change into human beings. Just like mermaids, leprechauns and fairies, the Icchadhaari Nag and Naagin tale is a piece of fiction.

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5 Things I Learned From Love

5 Things I Learned From Love

Love changes people and I realized that when I fell in love. Almost 5 years ago, I met this guy who I never thought would be such an important part of my life. I was a different person back then. I admit it, I was selfish and the world revolved around me (according to me). Physical beauty was of utmost importance to me. I judged people on their appearance. I secretly wished to look like the women in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Allure. I had issues with my self-esteem and there were people (mostly family) who constantly made me feel bad about myself. My life was incomplete and messed up. I was ambitious and always dreamed of achieving something in life. My ambition was an outlet to get rid of my inner pain and conflict. I never searched for love nor did I want it. But they say, some of the best things are found when you don’t search for them. That’s how I found my sweetheart D. For some reason, I believe it was divine intervention. My life changed after this smite of fate. In these 5 years I have grown as a person. Here are five things I learned from love.

5 Things I Learned From Love

1. Beauty can get your attention but personality can capture your heart.

The world is filled with beautiful people (physically of course). There is always someone prettier, smarter or stronger than you are. What sets you apart from the crowd is your personality. Personality is not to be confused with outer attractiveness. It is a combination of qualities and characteristics that makes a person unique. It is the way you walk, talk, handle situations and behave with others.

5 Things I Learned From Love

When I met D, I was floored by his personality. He was a live wire, full of energy. He knew how to make friends and keep them for life. He was a simple guy who tried to be happy in the worst of situations. He had this unbelievable ability to make me laugh in situations where I wanted to be left alone. His personality captured my heart for good.

2. You are beautiful, just the way you are.

Like I mentioned before, I had low self-esteem. I tried to be somebody else. Women know this, I criticized myself ruthlessly. I read fashion magazines and admired the flawless women that graced their covers. They had porcelain white skin that was devoid of any freckles or wrinkles. Their chiseled faces and near perfect bodies could make anyone feel downcast. I lived in isolation, didn’t make friends and shied away from the crowd.

5 Things I Learned From Love

D accepted me the way I was. He made me feel beautiful and I fell n love with myself all over again. He had no qualms about me being skinny. He looked beyond my physicality and embraced the person I was. I realized that flaws only make us unique. What the world conceives to be an imperfection is the very characteristic the makes us who we are. I adore D and I think he’s perfect for me.

3. Love lifted me.

Love can change you in ways you wouldn’t expect. A relationship will make you a better person, if it doesn’t, it’s not worth your time and effort. With love comes jealousy and possessiveness. These may not be desirable traits but they are important in a relationship. Jealousy shows how much you want a person and possessiveness means you consider them to be your own. True love is nourishment for your soul.

5 Things I Learned From Love

D changed my life. I have noticed the difference. I have learned to deal with problems more effectively. I am still very ambitious but I no longer use it as an outlet for my inner turmoil. My life has started to make sense and I’m grateful for everything that happened (which includes meeting D). I know how it feels to be loved and I believe in spreading this heavenly feeling.

4. Hope is what keeps us going.

I’ve always had faith in myself and believe in the power of hope. I never give up easily and look for possible ways to solving a particular problem. Impossible is nothing if you believe in yourself and your abilities. I know it is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes it is difficult to be hopeful when you have no other option but to accept your fate. You can change your fate and write your own destiny but for this you need to keep faith. A very powerful way to change your destiny and get what you want is a secret called ‘The Law of Attraction’ (I have written a post on how to effectively use it). I have started to use it consciously to create the reality I want for myself.

5 Things I Learned From Love

D has always been supportive of me. There were times when I lost hope but D believed in me and brought me back on my feet. Life is easier when you have someone to fall back on.

5. True love is about sacrifice.

Sacrifice is the by-product of love. It is only when you love a person that you place their needs above your own. I learned the meaning of sacrifice from my parents. I admire them for their selfless love. I remember my mother once telling me, “You are just like me. Someday when you have a family of your own you will understand. You will willingly give your all to them and that will make you happy”. After I fell in love with D, I understood what mom meant to say.

5 Things I Learned From Love

D means everything to me. All I want is to see him happy. It’s an indescribable feeling when you see your loved one smile because of you. When D is happy, I feel a sense of achievement like I’ve done something great. D’s smile lights up my life. My selfless love for D has extended to my family and friends. I have learned to give without any expectations, thanks to D.

Love is an amazing feeling whether you are the giver or the receiver. It can make you, break you but above all it can teach you what life alone cannot. I know many of you probably have the same opinions because love is a universal feeling. I would like to know how love has changed you and the 5 things you learned from love.

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30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - Psycho

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life

A well made horror movie can scare you to death (Yes, I mean it, Death!). What if you know that some of these stories really happened? Here are 30 Horror Movies Based on Real Life (Read over if you dare to)

1. The Possession (2012)

The movie is based on an allegedly haunted wine cabinet that originally belonged to a 103 year old Holocaust survivor. The box houses a Dybbuk, a malevolent Jewish spirit. Dybbuks are capable of haunting and possession of human beings.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - The Possession

2. The Silent House (2010)

The story is based on an actual incident that happened in Uruguay. A young woman, Florencia Colucci and her father Gustavo Alonso began renovating a country cottage that hid a dark secret.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - The Silent House

3. Ravenous (2009)

The film is about Cannibalism and bears minor similarities to the real-life story of Donner Party and Alfred Packer who were believed to be cannibals.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - Ravenous

4. The Haunting in Connecticut (2009)

The movie was inspired by the Parker family that moved to Connecticut in 1986. Their 14 year-old son, Paul suffered from Cancer and was treated by specialists from Connecticut. It was discovered that their house had been a Funeral Home owing to the embalming equipment discovered in the basement. The family also reported unexplained phenomena. Worst of all, Paul was possessed by an evil force that made him attack his own family. An exorcism had to be performed to settle things down.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - The Haunting In Connecticut

5. Black Water (2007)

The story was inspired by a real-life crocodile attack that occurred in Australia in December 2003.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - Black Water

6. The Girl Next Door (2007)

The movie is based on the true story of Sylvia Likens who was left with a family friend, Gertrude Baniszewski while her circus performer parents traveled. Gertrude terrorized Sylvia much like it was depicted in the movie ultimately leading to Sylvia’s death.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - The Girl Next Door

7. Them (2007)

Them is based on the true story of an Austrian couple that were murdered by a bunch of teenagers while vacationing in Czech Republic.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - Them

8. Primeval (2007)

The story is inspired by a 20 foot long crocodile living in Burundi named Gustave. It is believed to be the largest crocodile to have walked the African continent. It is rumored to have killed 300 people, which is certainly exaggerated.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - Primeval

9. An American Haunting (2006)

The film is based on the popular legend of the Bell Witch. This story originated in Tennessee in the 1800s and is believed to be fictitious. According to legend, John Bell was poisoned by the ghost which led to his death.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - An American Haunting

10. The Zodiac (2005)

The film was inspired by a real life serial killer called the ‘Zodiac Killer’. He is known to have murdered 7 people in Northern California.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - The Zodiac

11. Wolf Creek (2005)

The film is inspired by two real-life Australian killers that attacked tourists and travelers. Bradley John Murdoch killed a British tourist and tried to abduct another in 2001 while Ivan Milat picked up hitchhikers, tortured and killed them in the 90s.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - Wolf Creek

12. The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)

The film is based on the story of a 16 year-old girl German girl, Anneliese Michel who displayed symptoms of demonic possession. She suffered from paralysis, starvation and demonic vision for years. In 1975, two priests tried to exorcise her over a period of 10 months. Anneliese barely ate and ultimately died of starvation in July 1976. Her parents and the two priests found guilty and sentenced to six months in jail.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - The Exorcism Of Emily Rose

13. Open Water (2003)

A married couple, John and Eileen Lonergan disappeared of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. This unfortunate incident took place in January 1998 after the couple was accidentally left behind by a diving company. A search was conducted but their bodies were never found.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - Open Water

14. Dahmer (2002)

The inspiration for this film was an American Serial Killer by the name of Lionel Dahmer, also called the Milwaukee Cannibal. He was guilty of rape, murder and dismemberment of 17 boys and men from 1978 to 1991. He was also a necrophiliac and a cannibal.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - Dahmer

15. The Mothman Prophecies (2002)

Between 1966 and 1967 there were reported sightings on an unidentified winged creature dubbed the Mothman. The Mothman was seem in Point Pleasant, West Virginia for 13 months. Co-incidence or not, the Silver Bridge connecting Point Pleasant to Ohio collapsed, killing 46 people.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - The Mothman Prophecies

16. From Hell (2001)

Inspiration for this movie, Jack the Ripper.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - From Hell

17. Child’s Play (1988)

This film was inspired by the story of a possessed doll named Robert that once belonged to a painter named Robert Eugene Otto. Robert could speak and Eugene’s parents would often hear their son talking to the doll in his bedroom.

30 Horror Movies Based On True Life - Child's Play

18. The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988)

This movie is an adaptation of a book by a Canadian scientist Wade Davis. Davis shared his true experience with zombification in Haiti in this 1985 book. The movie was definitely a highly exaggerated adaptation.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - The Serpent and the Rainbow

19. Dead Ringers (1988)

The decomposing, emaciated bodies of 45 year-old twin gynecologists were found in July 1975. The bodies were found in their apartment and the cause of death was stated as extreme withdrawal due to an addiction to barbiturates.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - Dead Ringers

20. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986)

The movie was inspired by the story of a serial killer named Henry Lee Lucas. Lucas confessed to 600 murders but most of his confessions could not be proved. However, he was convicted of 11 murders.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

21. Gothic (1986)

In the summer of 1816, Percy Shelley and Mary Godwin visited Lord Byron at his Swiss Villa. It rained that day due to which they stayed indoors and discussed German ghost stories. Lord Byron suggested that they come up with their own supernatural stories. Godwin came up with Frankenstein while Percy wrote what was later adapted by Polidori into The Vampyre.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - Gothic

22. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

The film was inspired by Cambodian immigrants who died while having nightmares.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - A Nightmare On Elm Street

23. The Entity (1981)

The movie is inspired by a woman named Doris Bither who lived in Culver City, California. She claimed to have been physically and sexually assaulted by an unknown entity. Paranormal researchers Kerry Gaynor and Berry Taff investigated the case in 1974 and witnessed unexplained activity. However, they never seen the entity assault her nor did they try to capture it. According to Gaynor, the attacks diminished after she moved from the place.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - The Entity

24. The Amityville Horror (1979)

George and Kathy Lutz witnessed disembodied voices, demonic imagery, walls bleeding green slime and inverted crucifixes in a house they bought.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - The Amityville Horror

25. The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

The inspiration for this horror flick was the legend of Alexander Sawney Bean, a Scotsman of the 15th and 16th century. He was reported to be the leader of a 40 people clan that killed and ate over a thousand people. They lived in caves for 25 years but were eventually caught and put to death.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - The Hills Have Eyes

26. Audrey Rose (1977)

The movie was adapted from a book written by Frank De Felitta. He believed in reincarnation when he learned that his son Raymond could play the piano too well in spite of never taking any piano lessons.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - Audrey Rose

27. Jaws (1975)

In 1916, four people were killed by a seven foot long shark. This incident took place in the New Jersey shore. The shark was eventually killed and human remains were found in its stomach.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - Jaws

28. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

The movie was inspired by a serial killer named Ed Gein who killed several people in Wisconsin and was arrested in 1957. He was arrested for murdering two and digging up the corpses of many other women that reminded him of his dead mother. He skinned the bodies and made lamp shades and socks out of them. He also made a ‘woman suit’ hoping to become a woman. He spent the rest of his life in a mental institution.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

29. The Exorcist (1973)

This popular horror movie was based on the real life exorcism on a 13 year-old boy in Mount Rainer, Maryland in the year 1949.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - The Exorcist

30. Psycho (1960)

This movie was also inspired by the serial killer Ed Gein.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - Psycho


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15 People You Will Meet In Your 20s

15 People You Will Meet In Your 20s

You’ve just graduated and you don’t know what to expect. However, there are certain stereotypes you are most likely to come across in the future. Here are 15 people you will meet in your 20s.

1.  The Good Girl Gone Bad: Who would’ve expected such a drastic change? She said no to drinks and clubbing wasn’t her thing. She had this innocent charm about her. She hardly interacted with people but you always thought she was pretty cool. You meet her again in your 20s and bam! She’s a different person. She is no longer an introvert. She is wild, sassy and confident. Her talents include bar tending, amateur pole dancing and grabbing unnecessary attention.

15 people you will meet in your 20s

2.  The Dedicated Student: His qualifications can put you to shame. His thirst for knowledge (and degrees) can never be quenched. He still has to pay back his study loans. He is too good for his job and is dissatisfied with his current position.

15 people you will meet in your 20s

3.  The Party Animal: Partying is an art and who knows better than this guy. He never misses a night out. Sometimes you wish you could be in his place. His life is a constant party with women, wine, song and an enviable Facebook profile picture.

15 people you will meet in your 20s

4.  The Couple That Goes M.I.A. After Marriage: You knew this couple back in college. They were like two cuddle bunnies, always into each other. As individuals, they were chilled out and very involved in the group. You always knew they were meant for each other. What next? The cute couple get married and disappear from the face of the earth. Seeing them again after many years is sheer joy. They probably have a lot of stories to tell you.

15 people you will meet in your 20s

5. The Person Whose Life Revolves Around His Kid: Most women are struck by this weird phenomena. They will give you regular updates on their kid even if you didn’t ask for it. From their ultra-sound reports to their child’s potty time, everything will be put up on Facebook.

15 people you will meet in your 20s

6. The Co-worker Who Torments You: They are better than you, or so they think. They will try to impress the boss by hook or by crook. They will try to put you down and at times make you feel hopeless. Don’t lose hope, these idiots only make you stronger.

15 people you will meet in your 20s

7. The Casanova: This guy is charming and handsome. If you’re a girl, you’ve probably had a little thing for him. He is a good talker and women are easily swayed by his sweet talks. He is a chauvinist and a heart-breaker. Women know it but still end up falling head over heels in love with him. This douche bag has no respect for the women he hooks up with but ends up getting laid all the time.

15 people you will meet in your 20s

8. The Social Networking Freak: This person has an online presence like no other. His life is an open (Face) book. He tweets minute to minute details of his entire day.

15 people you will meet in your 20s

9. The Person Who is Still the Same: When everyone left to create their own destinies, this guy decided to be patient. He didn’t leave his hometown and lives an ordinary life. He is still the same person you knew when you left.

15 people you will meet in your 20s

10. The Heart-Breaker: This person was the love of your life. You two were probably going to get married. Unfortunately things didn’t workout and you two had to break up. This person will always be there at the back of your mind and whenever something reminds you of him, you feel a sudden drop in your stomach.

15 people you will meet in your 20s

11.  The Non-Existent Person: This person was practically non-existent to you. His presence didn’t mean anything to you. You come across him while you’re leisurely surfing the net one day and you’re like, “I know that guy”.

15 people you will meet in your 20s

12.  The Bad Roommate: Sharing a room with him is agonizing. He leaves dirty dishes in the sink, messes the entire room and calls his girlfriend over, only to have loud disturbing arguments with her. Sometimes you wish you could just fling him out of the window along with the rest of his stuff.

15 people you will meet in your 20s

13. The Perfect Roommate: This person is a drinking buddy, companion and confidant, all in one. He is the easiest person to live with. You couldn’t find anyone better to share the apartment with.

15 people you will meet in your 20s

14. The Person Who Becomes Too Old Too Soon: This person has moved on. He has a house, a family and aspires to achieve things you probably won’t understand. His planning for the future is on full-swing and he doesn’t mind giving you some meaningful (according to him) advice.

15 people you will meet in your 20s

15. The Successful One: He is enjoying all the finer things in life. He is the talk of the town and the subject of envy among your circle. He lives in luxury and looks like a million bucks. His presence makes you feel uncomfortable and you’re not too fond of him. You find him arrogant (maybe he is) and snobbish.

15 people you will meet in your 20s

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8 Horror Movies You Should Watch

I’ve always been a fan of horror movies. I can watch even the silliest movies if it’s horror. Later, I do regret watching them but I can’t get enough of horror. Since I’ve seen every good movie that there is, I try to search for random movies that might interest me. I check for reviews and summaries that are often very reliable, thanks to IMDb. Out of all the horror flicks I’ve ever watched, these 8 movies never seem to disappoint the people I recommend them to. Here are 8 horror movies you should watch (in my opinion)

1. Dead Silence (2007): Not many people I know have watched this movie. This is such a great movie, one of my all-time favorites. The story is interesting and will keep you glued to the television. The object of horror, a doll named Billy is scary, hands down. Dolls can look pretty deadly when possessed, remember Chucky (Child’s Play) and Annabelle (The Conjuring)? Billy is not the only horror element here, the evil spirit of Mary Shaw takes the cake. She was a ventriloquist and the reason behind Billy’s evil ways. I do not wish to give out any spoilers. Watch this movie alone (with no lights on) if you dare to.

8 Movies You Should Watch - Dead Silence, Mary Shaw

“Beware the stare of Mary Shaw. She had no children, only dolls.

And if you see her do not scream; or she’ll rip your tongue out, at the seam.

And if you see her remember this, the only thing that can stop her is dead silence.”

2. Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007): I’ve watched all the other parts of Wrong Turn but this one is by far the best. The story revolves around a group of small-time celebrities that are contestants of a survival reality game show. Like all the other wrong turn movies, this one too is based in forest of West Virginia. There are cannibals that mercilessly kill people. They are not mere cannibals, they have deformed faces and unclear speech. You should watch this movie if you like horror flicks like ‘The Hills Have Eyes’. It’s a decent watch especially if you can’t think of anything better.

8 Horror You Should Watch - Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

3. The Sixth Sense (1999): This movie is not really scary but what makes it stand out is the brilliant story and execution. There are ghosts in this superb horror flick but they aren’t blood thirsty or outright evil. The story is about a troubled 9 year-old, Cole who can see and communicate with spirits. Malcom Crowe, an award-winning child psychologist is determined to cure Cole in this highly rated horror movie (8.2/10 on IMDb) Watch this flick if you value a good story over cheesy scare tactics.

8 Horror Movies You Should Watch - The 6th Sense

4. Insidious Chapters 1 & 2 (2010, 2013): My best friend had suggested this movie to me. I was not interested at first (what was I thinking!) but I’m glad I watched it. In part one, the protagonist is a child named Dalton who falls into a coma. It’s up to his family and a psychic, Elise to prevent him from being trapped in another realm called ‘The Further’. The second part is connected to the first. There are certain potholes in part one that are filled in part two.

8 Horror Movies You Should Watch - Insidious

Insidious 2 is much scarier that Insidious 1. With some chilling scenes and a good story line, this movie series is a must-watch in my opinion. The buzz is, filming for Insidious 3 will soon begin. I can’t wait for that!

5. Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight (1995): Tales from the Crypt Series is a classic. I remember watching some episodes as a kid sans the X-rated scenes. Some episodes were disturbing but I still loved watching the show. Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight is not an episode but a movie. As a kid, I found it frightening and gripping at the same time. This tale is about a man who owns the last of the seven keys. These keys are special containers that hold the blood of Christ. They were scattered across the universe so that they don’t not fall in the wrong hands (demons). If you are a ‘Tales from the Crypt’ fan, make sure you watch this movie. It is old but undoubtedly gold.

8 Horror Movies You Should Watch - Demon Knight

6. Ginger Snaps (2000): This horror movie is not your typical werewolf flick. I like how they portrayed the relationship between two sisters, Ginger and Bridget and added a werewolf element to it. Ginger is the big sister, bold and outgoing while Bridget is the shy and introvert little sister who is often bullied in school. When Ginger gets bitten by a creature in the dark, all hell breaks loose. She slowly transforms into a werewolf and develops a taste for human flesh. The only person who can stop her is her dear sister Bridget. This movie is dark and a little gory. A must-watch in my opinion for people who like werewolf tales.

8 Horror Movies You Should Watch - Ginger Snaps

7. Child’s Play (1988): I have a feeling you’ve watched this 80’s horror movie. Almost everyone I come across knows about Child’s Play. My grandmother watched it and said that it changed her perspective of dolls. She used to find dolls harmless but now she thinks differently. The movie is about an evil doll, Chucky possessed by the spirit of a serial killer (terrifying). Chucky has a mission (watch the movie to know) and anyone who gets in between is murdered. I recommend this horror movie to people who haven’t watched it and would like a blast from the past.

8 Horror Movies You Should Watch - Child's Play

8. Pet Sematary (1989): This is one helluva movie. Pet Sematary is one of Stephen King’s best work. I want to watch it again soon. This movie is dark, terrifying and an amazing adaptation of the book. This is a true classic and it deserves that title. The story revolves around a family that has just moved to a new house in the countryside. The only unusual thing about the location is a mysterious cemetery behind the house. I will not divulge much even if you’ve already seen the movie. There are people who don’t even know about it so this is for their good. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants to know what real horror is. Hail Stephen King!

8 Horror Movies You Should Watch - Pet Sematary

These were some of my favorite horror movies. I do like gory and thrilling movies with lots of slashing and blood shed but without a decent story, everything is a waste.

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Law of Attraction

Ever wondered how people get what they want? There have been times when I’ve received exactly what I longed for. This has been my story since childhood. I never knew about the Law of Attraction till I joined college. No, it wasn’t something I was taught in class. One of my teachers introduced us to this unique concept. I now know what I’ve been doing unknowingly all these years.

According to the Law of Attraction, it is you who is responsible for anything good or bad that happens in your life. A person can attract positivity or negativity. Imagine you landed a job, yes, you attracted that. Now imagine you lost that job, yes, you attracted that too. If you’ve won a lottery or made a loss in business, everything is a manifestation of your thoughts. You have been using this law in your everyday life. What if you could use it to achieve your goals? Read ahead to understand how to use this wonderful tool. Who knows, this one step could put an end to all your problems.

Law of Attraction

Follow these 5 steps to manipulate and use the Law of Attraction in your favor.

  1. Meditate: This step is optional but why skip something so useful? Meditation helps to calm you mind. Only if your mind is calm, you will be able to concentrate and in this case use the law effectively. Meditation will put you in a state of relaxation and boost brain power. A few minutes of silence is enough to put you at ease.
  1. Decide what you want: You are dealing with the Universe here. The universe responds to your thoughts. Decide what you want and focus on it. There is no place for self-doubt in this step. Also try to have clear, measurable and well-defined goals. Suppose you want a high salary, mention how much you want that salary to be, say 2000$ or 5000$. Unclear thoughts will attract unwanted results.
  1. Connect with the Universe: Ask the universe for what you want. Make a connection and put forth your request. You need to really want something for the Universe to satisfy you. Send a clear-cut picture of your desires. You need to think that it’s already yours. If you want to be rich, imagine living in a posh bungalow in L.A. with hundreds of servants, a big pool and a beautiful wife (optional). Be more specific of course and add enough details to your picture. The more the better.
  1. Make it your present: You may presently not have what you want. Others know that and so do you but the Universe probably doesn’t. The Universe will believe whatever you make it believe. The trick over here is to make the Universe believe that you already have you desire and you are enjoying it to the fullest. The Universe will work in that direction and make it true for you. If you want to win a lottery, believe that you’ve already won a lottery. You will get as you desire in the future. However, for this law to work, let the future be your present.
  1. Believe: It is very important that you believe in the universe and the changes it can bring in your life. Miracles happen only if you believe. Faith is what keeps us going. One important thing, trust the Universe. It will eventually give you what you asked for. Don’t think how and why. Avoid questioning. The Universe works in mysterious ways. Keep faith in the Universe and it will not let you down.

Now that you know the secret to getting exactly what you want, go ahead and make your dreams come true. While doing so, make sure you keep checking my blog for more interesting posts. You can even follow me so that you don’t miss out on anything.


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5 Simple Tips for Selecting the Right Career Path

‘’Choose a job you love, and you will not have to work a day in your life” – Confucius

Confucius, we are grateful to you for the advice. If only we could find that one job that can give us utmost satisfaction, life would be much simpler. All of us know that one person who is not happy with his job. He comes home tired, listens to complaints from his wife, deals with stress and then sleeps like a baby only to wake up to another boring day. We also know people who regret the career choices they made.

5 Simple Tips for Selecting the Right Career Path

It is not impossible to rectify your past mistakes. There are people in their 40’s and 50’s that take up a completely different route like a man who jumps into marketing after having worked in the finance field for years. Opportunities are endless but as we grow older it becomes difficult to grab them.

“Prevention is better than cure”

The market belongs to the youth. The decisions you make at this crucial time will define your future. One decision can change your life. Chances are you won’t end up like that unhappy person you know who still wishes he had done what was right for him.

Here are 10 tips that can help you select the perfect career path for you.

  1. Listen to everyone but do as you please: People are always ready to give you suggestions. You will be influenced but at the end of the day, it is your life. You need to make sure you are happy.

5 Simple Tips for Selecting the Right Career Path - Listen to everyone but do what you please

When it was time for me to select a field, everyone I ever knew started pooling in their opinions and ideas. Suggestions included go for marketing, it pays well, a bank job will set your life and the funniest of all, there is nothing more respectful than being a doctor (I was never interested medicine). In the end I went ahead with business studies and chose marketing as my field of specialization. I am also giving advertising a thought but that’s another story.

All I can say is, listen to everyone, you might come across life changing suggestions. Keep your ears open but do what your heart says.

  1. Consider your natural talents and capabilities: We are all born with certain talents. No two people are the same. Individual capabilities differ. The point here is, you need to choose a career that will hone your god given talent. If you choose a job based on this work will not be just work. It will be fulfilling and less boring. You will be able to give your best because you are confident of your abilities.

5 Simple Tips for Selecting the Right Career Path - Choose a career in dance if that's your talent

If you are an amazing dancer, go for a career in dance. Start your own academy or become a choreographer, don’t limit yourself. If that’s where your happiness lies, don’t say no to the idea.

I am still trying to find what’s best for me. Like I said before, I am considering advertising as well. I have even started watching Mad Men but real life is obviously different from reel life. I do have an idea of what to expect. I have narrowed down on marketing (not sales) and advertising mainly based on my creative bent of mind. Let’s see what the future has in store for me.

  1. What are your expectations? : Expectations can be anything, expectations regarding income, work-life balance, commitment to the job, office location etc. I know of people who focus mainly on salary or income. They would favor any job that promises a heavy pay check. We all want money, don’t we? But we shouldn’t make decisions on the basis of one factor. The other thing is, make note of all your expectations from the field.

5 Simple Tips for Selecting the Right Career Path - High Salary Expectations

High salary: Almost everyone wants to earn a sufficient amount of income. Remember, a high paying job has high demands like more expertise and experience.

Work-life Balance: Many firms have started giving importance to work-life balance and employee welfare. However there are fields where you have dedicate a lot of time to work projects. You may have deadlines leading to stress. Choose wisely and always research.

Work place location: You can choose between working in your hometown and shifting in another city or overseas. For better commutation or minimum travel expenses you can also choose a workplace close to your residence.

Once your job meets all your expectations, you will feel contented.

  1. Are you willing to give in to the demands of the job? : Just the way you have expectations from a job, the job or the employer also has expectations from you. Certain jobs are more demanding than the others. There are fields that require long work hours, frequent work-related travel, patience due to slow promotion etc. You need to decide if you are willing to meet these demands.

5 Simple Tips for Selecting the Right Career Path - Work stress

I was once told by a teacher that Multinational Companies pay well. In return, they expect you to be very dedicated so forget work-life balance. I don’t mind working on weekends and conforming to deadlines if I’m paid according. Anything lesser than what I deserve is not acceptable to me.

What I’m trying to convey here is, expect only what you can deliver.

  1. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? : Ask yourself this question and you will get your answer. Many employers ask this question to potential candidates. There is a reason behind that. They want to know if your career plan matches their plan for you.

5 Simple Tips for Selecting the Right Career Path - Mad Men

When you are trying to select a career path for yourself answer this question objectively. Chalk out a rough career plan for all the fields you have narrowed down on. A separate plan for every job will help you decide better. Keep all the above 4 points in mind and then try to answer this burning question.

Each of you will have a unique answer. Let your heart and mind work in unison on this and guide you.

Well, I know it’s not as easy as it seems. I’ve come close to finding the right career for me. Based on my experience, I’ve already shared 5 extremely useful tips.

Follow my tips and soon you will find what’s best for you. Your dream job is not too far. With the powerful law of attraction you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Stay tuned for my next post where I will share my views on this often unused tool for attaining your goals.

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