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30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - Psycho

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life

A well made horror movie can scare you to death (Yes, I mean it, Death!). What if you know that some of these stories really happened? Here are 30 Horror Movies Based on Real Life (Read over if you dare to)

1. The Possession (2012)

The movie is based on an allegedly haunted wine cabinet that originally belonged to a 103 year old Holocaust survivor. The box houses a Dybbuk, a malevolent Jewish spirit. Dybbuks are capable of haunting and possession of human beings.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - The Possession

2. The Silent House (2010)

The story is based on an actual incident that happened in Uruguay. A young woman, Florencia Colucci and her father Gustavo Alonso began renovating a country cottage that hid a dark secret.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - The Silent House

3. Ravenous (2009)

The film is about Cannibalism and bears minor similarities to the real-life story of Donner Party and Alfred Packer who were believed to be cannibals.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - Ravenous

4. The Haunting in Connecticut (2009)

The movie was inspired by the Parker family that moved to Connecticut in 1986. Their 14 year-old son, Paul suffered from Cancer and was treated by specialists from Connecticut. It was discovered that their house had been a Funeral Home owing to the embalming equipment discovered in the basement. The family also reported unexplained phenomena. Worst of all, Paul was possessed by an evil force that made him attack his own family. An exorcism had to be performed to settle things down.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - The Haunting In Connecticut

5. Black Water (2007)

The story was inspired by a real-life crocodile attack that occurred in Australia in December 2003.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - Black Water

6. The Girl Next Door (2007)

The movie is based on the true story of Sylvia Likens who was left with a family friend, Gertrude Baniszewski while her circus performer parents traveled. Gertrude terrorized Sylvia much like it was depicted in the movie ultimately leading to Sylvia’s death.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - The Girl Next Door

7. Them (2007)

Them is based on the true story of an Austrian couple that were murdered by a bunch of teenagers while vacationing in Czech Republic.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - Them

8. Primeval (2007)

The story is inspired by a 20 foot long crocodile living in Burundi named Gustave. It is believed to be the largest crocodile to have walked the African continent. It is rumored to have killed 300 people, which is certainly exaggerated.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - Primeval

9. An American Haunting (2006)

The film is based on the popular legend of the Bell Witch. This story originated in Tennessee in the 1800s and is believed to be fictitious. According to legend, John Bell was poisoned by the ghost which led to his death.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - An American Haunting

10. The Zodiac (2005)

The film was inspired by a real life serial killer called the ‘Zodiac Killer’. He is known to have murdered 7 people in Northern California.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - The Zodiac

11. Wolf Creek (2005)

The film is inspired by two real-life Australian killers that attacked tourists and travelers. Bradley John Murdoch killed a British tourist and tried to abduct another in 2001 while Ivan Milat picked up hitchhikers, tortured and killed them in the 90s.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - Wolf Creek

12. The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)

The film is based on the story of a 16 year-old girl German girl, Anneliese Michel who displayed symptoms of demonic possession. She suffered from paralysis, starvation and demonic vision for years. In 1975, two priests tried to exorcise her over a period of 10 months. Anneliese barely ate and ultimately died of starvation in July 1976. Her parents and the two priests found guilty and sentenced to six months in jail.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - The Exorcism Of Emily Rose

13. Open Water (2003)

A married couple, John and Eileen Lonergan disappeared of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. This unfortunate incident took place in January 1998 after the couple was accidentally left behind by a diving company. A search was conducted but their bodies were never found.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - Open Water

14. Dahmer (2002)

The inspiration for this film was an American Serial Killer by the name of Lionel Dahmer, also called the Milwaukee Cannibal. He was guilty of rape, murder and dismemberment of 17 boys and men from 1978 to 1991. He was also a necrophiliac and a cannibal.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - Dahmer

15. The Mothman Prophecies (2002)

Between 1966 and 1967 there were reported sightings on an unidentified winged creature dubbed the Mothman. The Mothman was seem in Point Pleasant, West Virginia for 13 months. Co-incidence or not, the Silver Bridge connecting Point Pleasant to Ohio collapsed, killing 46 people.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - The Mothman Prophecies

16. From Hell (2001)

Inspiration for this movie, Jack the Ripper.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - From Hell

17. Child’s Play (1988)

This film was inspired by the story of a possessed doll named Robert that once belonged to a painter named Robert Eugene Otto. Robert could speak and Eugene’s parents would often hear their son talking to the doll in his bedroom.

30 Horror Movies Based On True Life - Child's Play

18. The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988)

This movie is an adaptation of a book by a Canadian scientist Wade Davis. Davis shared his true experience with zombification in Haiti in this 1985 book. The movie was definitely a highly exaggerated adaptation.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - The Serpent and the Rainbow

19. Dead Ringers (1988)

The decomposing, emaciated bodies of 45 year-old twin gynecologists were found in July 1975. The bodies were found in their apartment and the cause of death was stated as extreme withdrawal due to an addiction to barbiturates.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - Dead Ringers

20. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986)

The movie was inspired by the story of a serial killer named Henry Lee Lucas. Lucas confessed to 600 murders but most of his confessions could not be proved. However, he was convicted of 11 murders.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

21. Gothic (1986)

In the summer of 1816, Percy Shelley and Mary Godwin visited Lord Byron at his Swiss Villa. It rained that day due to which they stayed indoors and discussed German ghost stories. Lord Byron suggested that they come up with their own supernatural stories. Godwin came up with Frankenstein while Percy wrote what was later adapted by Polidori into The Vampyre.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - Gothic

22. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

The film was inspired by Cambodian immigrants who died while having nightmares.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - A Nightmare On Elm Street

23. The Entity (1981)

The movie is inspired by a woman named Doris Bither who lived in Culver City, California. She claimed to have been physically and sexually assaulted by an unknown entity. Paranormal researchers Kerry Gaynor and Berry Taff investigated the case in 1974 and witnessed unexplained activity. However, they never seen the entity assault her nor did they try to capture it. According to Gaynor, the attacks diminished after she moved from the place.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - The Entity

24. The Amityville Horror (1979)

George and Kathy Lutz witnessed disembodied voices, demonic imagery, walls bleeding green slime and inverted crucifixes in a house they bought.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - The Amityville Horror

25. The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

The inspiration for this horror flick was the legend of Alexander Sawney Bean, a Scotsman of the 15th and 16th century. He was reported to be the leader of a 40 people clan that killed and ate over a thousand people. They lived in caves for 25 years but were eventually caught and put to death.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - The Hills Have Eyes

26. Audrey Rose (1977)

The movie was adapted from a book written by Frank De Felitta. He believed in reincarnation when he learned that his son Raymond could play the piano too well in spite of never taking any piano lessons.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - Audrey Rose

27. Jaws (1975)

In 1916, four people were killed by a seven foot long shark. This incident took place in the New Jersey shore. The shark was eventually killed and human remains were found in its stomach.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - Jaws

28. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

The movie was inspired by a serial killer named Ed Gein who killed several people in Wisconsin and was arrested in 1957. He was arrested for murdering two and digging up the corpses of many other women that reminded him of his dead mother. He skinned the bodies and made lamp shades and socks out of them. He also made a ‘woman suit’ hoping to become a woman. He spent the rest of his life in a mental institution.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

29. The Exorcist (1973)

This popular horror movie was based on the real life exorcism on a 13 year-old boy in Mount Rainer, Maryland in the year 1949.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - The Exorcist

30. Psycho (1960)

This movie was also inspired by the serial killer Ed Gein.

30 Horror Movies Based On Real Life - Psycho


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8 Horror Movies You Should Watch

I’ve always been a fan of horror movies. I can watch even the silliest movies if it’s horror. Later, I do regret watching them but I can’t get enough of horror. Since I’ve seen every good movie that there is, I try to search for random movies that might interest me. I check for reviews and summaries that are often very reliable, thanks to IMDb. Out of all the horror flicks I’ve ever watched, these 8 movies never seem to disappoint the people I recommend them to. Here are 8 horror movies you should watch (in my opinion)

1. Dead Silence (2007): Not many people I know have watched this movie. This is such a great movie, one of my all-time favorites. The story is interesting and will keep you glued to the television. The object of horror, a doll named Billy is scary, hands down. Dolls can look pretty deadly when possessed, remember Chucky (Child’s Play) and Annabelle (The Conjuring)? Billy is not the only horror element here, the evil spirit of Mary Shaw takes the cake. She was a ventriloquist and the reason behind Billy’s evil ways. I do not wish to give out any spoilers. Watch this movie alone (with no lights on) if you dare to.

8 Movies You Should Watch - Dead Silence, Mary Shaw

“Beware the stare of Mary Shaw. She had no children, only dolls.

And if you see her do not scream; or she’ll rip your tongue out, at the seam.

And if you see her remember this, the only thing that can stop her is dead silence.”

2. Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007): I’ve watched all the other parts of Wrong Turn but this one is by far the best. The story revolves around a group of small-time celebrities that are contestants of a survival reality game show. Like all the other wrong turn movies, this one too is based in forest of West Virginia. There are cannibals that mercilessly kill people. They are not mere cannibals, they have deformed faces and unclear speech. You should watch this movie if you like horror flicks like ‘The Hills Have Eyes’. It’s a decent watch especially if you can’t think of anything better.

8 Horror You Should Watch - Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

3. The Sixth Sense (1999): This movie is not really scary but what makes it stand out is the brilliant story and execution. There are ghosts in this superb horror flick but they aren’t blood thirsty or outright evil. The story is about a troubled 9 year-old, Cole who can see and communicate with spirits. Malcom Crowe, an award-winning child psychologist is determined to cure Cole in this highly rated horror movie (8.2/10 on IMDb) Watch this flick if you value a good story over cheesy scare tactics.

8 Horror Movies You Should Watch - The 6th Sense

4. Insidious Chapters 1 & 2 (2010, 2013): My best friend had suggested this movie to me. I was not interested at first (what was I thinking!) but I’m glad I watched it. In part one, the protagonist is a child named Dalton who falls into a coma. It’s up to his family and a psychic, Elise to prevent him from being trapped in another realm called ‘The Further’. The second part is connected to the first. There are certain potholes in part one that are filled in part two.

8 Horror Movies You Should Watch - Insidious

Insidious 2 is much scarier that Insidious 1. With some chilling scenes and a good story line, this movie series is a must-watch in my opinion. The buzz is, filming for Insidious 3 will soon begin. I can’t wait for that!

5. Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight (1995): Tales from the Crypt Series is a classic. I remember watching some episodes as a kid sans the X-rated scenes. Some episodes were disturbing but I still loved watching the show. Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight is not an episode but a movie. As a kid, I found it frightening and gripping at the same time. This tale is about a man who owns the last of the seven keys. These keys are special containers that hold the blood of Christ. They were scattered across the universe so that they don’t not fall in the wrong hands (demons). If you are a ‘Tales from the Crypt’ fan, make sure you watch this movie. It is old but undoubtedly gold.

8 Horror Movies You Should Watch - Demon Knight

6. Ginger Snaps (2000): This horror movie is not your typical werewolf flick. I like how they portrayed the relationship between two sisters, Ginger and Bridget and added a werewolf element to it. Ginger is the big sister, bold and outgoing while Bridget is the shy and introvert little sister who is often bullied in school. When Ginger gets bitten by a creature in the dark, all hell breaks loose. She slowly transforms into a werewolf and develops a taste for human flesh. The only person who can stop her is her dear sister Bridget. This movie is dark and a little gory. A must-watch in my opinion for people who like werewolf tales.

8 Horror Movies You Should Watch - Ginger Snaps

7. Child’s Play (1988): I have a feeling you’ve watched this 80’s horror movie. Almost everyone I come across knows about Child’s Play. My grandmother watched it and said that it changed her perspective of dolls. She used to find dolls harmless but now she thinks differently. The movie is about an evil doll, Chucky possessed by the spirit of a serial killer (terrifying). Chucky has a mission (watch the movie to know) and anyone who gets in between is murdered. I recommend this horror movie to people who haven’t watched it and would like a blast from the past.

8 Horror Movies You Should Watch - Child's Play

8. Pet Sematary (1989): This is one helluva movie. Pet Sematary is one of Stephen King’s best work. I want to watch it again soon. This movie is dark, terrifying and an amazing adaptation of the book. This is a true classic and it deserves that title. The story revolves around a family that has just moved to a new house in the countryside. The only unusual thing about the location is a mysterious cemetery behind the house. I will not divulge much even if you’ve already seen the movie. There are people who don’t even know about it so this is for their good. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants to know what real horror is. Hail Stephen King!

8 Horror Movies You Should Watch - Pet Sematary

These were some of my favorite horror movies. I do like gory and thrilling movies with lots of slashing and blood shed but without a decent story, everything is a waste.

This is a different blog post if you compare it to my previous posts, and Law of Attraction. Well, this is what you get from Random Plethora, unusual and random 5 Simple Tips For Selecting the Right Career Path. Follow my blog for more interesting posts and do comment if you feel like.

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