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Falling In Love Can Make You A Millionaire

Falling in love can make you a millionaire, don’t believe me? People like Nicholas Sparks (Writer and Novelist), Bruno Mars (Musician and Vocalist) and Adele (Vocalist) seem to know the secret to banking on this funny thing called ‘love’. Love is a universal language. Everyone’s been there and done that. It is human nature to love and be attracted to love. Love songs top the charts, romantic novels sell, passionate movies capture the audience and blog posts about love get more views. But the burning question here is, how do some people cash on this innate and beautiful feeling?

Love changes people (See 5 Things I Learned From Love). It is a teacher just like life. Besides bringing you face-to-face with some thought-provoking situations and lessons, love awakens the artist and the thinker in you. Fall in love and you will discover a ‘New You’. Nicholas Sparks had no idea he would pen some of the most heart-touching stories like ‘A Walk To Remember’ and ‘The Notebook’. He always had a penchant for writing since the early days but his love for Cathy Cote (His Wife) inspired him to spin tales that the readers couldn’t help but adore.

Move over literature and we can’t ignore the likes of Bruno Mars and Adele, both sharing a common connection, their music which is excessively flavored with love, passion and heart-break.

Bruno Mars says what every woman wants to hear.

“When I see your face, there’s not a thing that I would change cause’ you’re amazing just the way you are.

And when you smile the whole world stops and stares for a while cause’ girl you’re amazing just the way you are.”

Adele is not far behind though a majority of her songs highlight her attempt at coping with a painful heart-break in the past. From what I’ve read so far, Adele, in her younger days, was in love with a man much older than her. He broke her heart and found someone new. The songstress poured her heart out in her song, ‘Someone Like You’. Her entire ’21’ album was a reminiscence of her failed relationship and you know what, that album was her claim to fame. Meaningful lyrics, a soulful voice mixed with the solvent called ‘love’ made this woman a millionaire.

Same with Nicholas Sparks whose books were all best sellers. Eight of them were adapted to movies and appreciated by viewers. As for Bruno Mars, women wish they had someone like him and men wish they could be more like him (to please their lovelies). Mars is rich and famous, what more could he want?

Falling in love can make you a millionaire, yes I mean it. Judging from the above cases, love can awaken your dormant talents and abilities. Here are 5 talents you never knew you had until you fell in love.

1. Love evokes the ‘Poet’ in you: When you read that Shakespearean poetry in Literature class, you didn’t have the slightest clue that there was a poet inside you. Love makes you feel all mushy and some of you realize your poetic quotient.

2. Love brings out the ‘Lyricist’ in you: You’ve been listening to love songs all your life but your devotion to your lover inspires you to write heart-warming lyrics that only you and your lover understand.

3. Love helps you recognize the ‘Writer’ in you: Not just Nicholas Sparks, you can write too. May be not about everything, but about love and romance, I’m sure you can.

4. Love polishes the ‘Actor’ in you: All this while, you knew you could act. If not, how would you be able to make up excuses for being late to work and still look so convincing? Love polishes your acting skills. Telling your better-half a fake story to avoid a fight needs some sharp acting skills.

5. Love teaches you to ‘Dance’: To be more precise, love brings out the Ballroom Dancer in you. Dance is a form of expression and ballroom dance is how a couple expresses their relationship and compatibility.

If you recognize your love-gifted talents and put them to use, you too can create wonders. Falling in love can indeed make you a millionaire.

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5 Things I Learned From Love

5 Things I Learned From Love

Love changes people and I realized that when I fell in love. Almost 5 years ago, I met this guy who I never thought would be such an important part of my life. I was a different person back then. I admit it, I was selfish and the world revolved around me (according to me). Physical beauty was of utmost importance to me. I judged people on their appearance. I secretly wished to look like the women in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Allure. I had issues with my self-esteem and there were people (mostly family) who constantly made me feel bad about myself. My life was incomplete and messed up. I was ambitious and always dreamed of achieving something in life. My ambition was an outlet to get rid of my inner pain and conflict. I never searched for love nor did I want it. But they say, some of the best things are found when you don’t search for them. That’s how I found my sweetheart D. For some reason, I believe it was divine intervention. My life changed after this smite of fate. In these 5 years I have grown as a person. Here are five things I learned from love.

5 Things I Learned From Love

1. Beauty can get your attention but personality can capture your heart.

The world is filled with beautiful people (physically of course). There is always someone prettier, smarter or stronger than you are. What sets you apart from the crowd is your personality. Personality is not to be confused with outer attractiveness. It is a combination of qualities and characteristics that makes a person unique. It is the way you walk, talk, handle situations and behave with others.

5 Things I Learned From Love

When I met D, I was floored by his personality. He was a live wire, full of energy. He knew how to make friends and keep them for life. He was a simple guy who tried to be happy in the worst of situations. He had this unbelievable ability to make me laugh in situations where I wanted to be left alone. His personality captured my heart for good.

2. You are beautiful, just the way you are.

Like I mentioned before, I had low self-esteem. I tried to be somebody else. Women know this, I criticized myself ruthlessly. I read fashion magazines and admired the flawless women that graced their covers. They had porcelain white skin that was devoid of any freckles or wrinkles. Their chiseled faces and near perfect bodies could make anyone feel downcast. I lived in isolation, didn’t make friends and shied away from the crowd.

5 Things I Learned From Love

D accepted me the way I was. He made me feel beautiful and I fell n love with myself all over again. He had no qualms about me being skinny. He looked beyond my physicality and embraced the person I was. I realized that flaws only make us unique. What the world conceives to be an imperfection is the very characteristic the makes us who we are. I adore D and I think he’s perfect for me.

3. Love lifted me.

Love can change you in ways you wouldn’t expect. A relationship will make you a better person, if it doesn’t, it’s not worth your time and effort. With love comes jealousy and possessiveness. These may not be desirable traits but they are important in a relationship. Jealousy shows how much you want a person and possessiveness means you consider them to be your own. True love is nourishment for your soul.

5 Things I Learned From Love

D changed my life. I have noticed the difference. I have learned to deal with problems more effectively. I am still very ambitious but I no longer use it as an outlet for my inner turmoil. My life has started to make sense and I’m grateful for everything that happened (which includes meeting D). I know how it feels to be loved and I believe in spreading this heavenly feeling.

4. Hope is what keeps us going.

I’ve always had faith in myself and believe in the power of hope. I never give up easily and look for possible ways to solving a particular problem. Impossible is nothing if you believe in yourself and your abilities. I know it is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes it is difficult to be hopeful when you have no other option but to accept your fate. You can change your fate and write your own destiny but for this you need to keep faith. A very powerful way to change your destiny and get what you want is a secret called ‘The Law of Attraction’ (I have written a post on how to effectively use it). I have started to use it consciously to create the reality I want for myself.

5 Things I Learned From Love

D has always been supportive of me. There were times when I lost hope but D believed in me and brought me back on my feet. Life is easier when you have someone to fall back on.

5. True love is about sacrifice.

Sacrifice is the by-product of love. It is only when you love a person that you place their needs above your own. I learned the meaning of sacrifice from my parents. I admire them for their selfless love. I remember my mother once telling me, “You are just like me. Someday when you have a family of your own you will understand. You will willingly give your all to them and that will make you happy”. After I fell in love with D, I understood what mom meant to say.

5 Things I Learned From Love

D means everything to me. All I want is to see him happy. It’s an indescribable feeling when you see your loved one smile because of you. When D is happy, I feel a sense of achievement like I’ve done something great. D’s smile lights up my life. My selfless love for D has extended to my family and friends. I have learned to give without any expectations, thanks to D.

Love is an amazing feeling whether you are the giver or the receiver. It can make you, break you but above all it can teach you what life alone cannot. I know many of you probably have the same opinions because love is a universal feeling. I would like to know how love has changed you and the 5 things you learned from love.

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